Tailor Made Holidays in Argentina


Often divided into Buenos Aires and the rest of the country, the Argentine Republic is the second largest country in South America. Due to it's sheer size, the variety of landscapes makes it one of the most diverse topographical destinations of the continent. A study in extremes, the country is home to a natural world wonder on the tropical Northern Brazilian border, Iguazu falls, (extensively featured in the movie “The Mission” featuring Robert De Niro). To the far south the majestic Perito Moreno Glacier in Calafate can be found, allowing for a wintery break for adventure. 
Argentina's extensive grasslands, (pampas), sprawl out over miles and miles like grassy seas, green in winter and brown in summer. These flat lands, home of the Gauchos, (Argentine cowboys), are host to the cattle ranches that provide some of the finest beef in the world.
Whether you want a to go on a tropical adventure or a glacial hike, if you want to find a quiet table in an exclusive venue in Buenos Aires where a sultry tango is danced around you or discover a remote veranda overlooking the pampus at sunset and sip a glass of fine Argentinian wine after your your gourmet dinner, you can find it all in Argentina. Your trip is really only limited by your imagination.