The Bolivian countryside has stark and strikingly differences, marked by its contrasts and extremes, it is considered to be the most bio-diverse country in the world. It is unique in that it has been able to keep its many of its indigenous traditions and culture intact, due to the fact that it's not heavily traveled.  
Its Martian-looking Salt Flats in the Andean Region, create vast canvases of white nothingness that plays mirage-like tricks on the eye and camera. Nestled in between some of the biggest mountains in South America within the Andes chain, it is a climber's paradise. This region is also home to Lake Titcaca, the largest lake in South America and the infamously steep “Death Road” which travelers often take a daring bike ride down. Bolivia not only shares a border with Brazil and Paraguay, but it also shares its lush, tropical rainforest in the lowlands, where the head waters of the Amazon and the Rio del Plata Rivers and begin draining the continent. This culturally-fascinating country has an intoxicating semi-chaotic colorfulness that offers for an unusual type of adventure you can explore from your luxury lodgings.