Chile's long skinny shape might be the source of it's name. It is bordered on the West by miles ocean, steep and scenically rocky in the South and sandy vacation beaches in the North. With the Andes Mountains as the country's backbone, many Chileans consider themselves culturally living in a type of isolated island, but it could not be farther from the truth.
Santiago, the country's capital is one of the most-connected city's in South America, making a hub for nightlife and fine dining. Only a two-hour drive from both the mountains, for summer hiking or winter snow skiiing, and the beaches makes Santiago an ideal starting point for any Chilean adventure. 
If you are an extreme adventurer or outdoor fan, Chile is ideal. There are deserts to explore, volcanoes to climb, national parks that take weeks to trek up and down and through on foot or horseback, peaks to para-glide off of, fijords to kayak, and snow peaks to heli-ski down. For the more laid-back traveler, there are many vineyards to wander through, national parks to meandering under evergreens, hot  springs, beaches and world's largest swimming pool to laze around.
If you are a history or archaeological buff, a side trip to Easter Island might be up your alley, to discover the lost culture of the bird men and their giant stoned-carved moai statues. Another short hop, will take you to Robinson Crusoe Island or Chiloe, which is an arpeggio of sparsely-populated islands that even to this day, have a history of magical mythical beings. Chile's islands are trip back to another time full of lost traditions and culture not on found the mainland.
Hosting almost every existing climate in the world, from the desert to fjords and ice fields, gives reason the popularity to film major motion pictures here, (such as the most-recent James Bond movie).
If you like seafood, Chile is for you. Some of world's best fresh seafood is found in Chile to be eaten with a thrilling glass of fine Chilean wine at the end of the day.  Don't be surprised if you fall in love with Chile's thousands of possibilities for relaxation and adventure.
Chile a Vinicultural paradise with unique geography. It has ideal conditions for a world class wines. So if you are a foodie and wine lover - Chile is your next destination.