Designed Tours of Santiago and Surroundings


Discover our Designed Tours of Santiago and Sourroundings with increidible programas: Full Day and Half Day Excursions. This is our way to make a great experience, with a full collection of Private and Shared basis excursions.

We also offer winery visits, cooking classes and some amazing experiences like private helicopter flights and many more things to do in Chile.

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Excursions of Interest

EXCH01 Santiago City Tour (Half Day) 73 53 41 34
EXCH02 Walking Tour in Santiago de Chile (Half Day) 90 66 61 42
EXCH03 Andean Astronomical Observatory (Half Day) 374 254 243 238
EXCH04 Wine Tour Viña Concha y Toro Tour and Tasting (Half Day) 120 102 91 82
EXCH05 Wine Tour Premium Viña Santa Rita Tour and Tasting (Half Day) 124 106 95 93
EXCH06 Luxury getaway by helicopter to Viña Matetic (Half Day) 1750 1167 875 N.A.
EXCH07 Wine Tour Viña Matetic Tour, Wine Tasting and Lunch (Half Day) 228 208 185 155
EXCH08 Valparaíso and Viña del Mar (Full Day) 131 97 74 72
EXCH09 Private transfer to Portillo (Full Day) 195 147 112 81
EXCH10 Private transfer to Valle Nevado (Full Day) 175 129 98 74
EXCH11 Museum Isla Negra, Valparaiso and Viña del Mar (Full Day) 233 167 132 108
EXCH12 Wine Tour San Antonio Valley/Leyda and Wine Tasting with Lunch (Viña Matetic and Viña Casa Marin) (Full Day) 289 255 232 230
EXCH13 Wine Tour Aconcagua Valley Tour and Wine Tasting (Viña Von Siebenthal and Viña San Esteban) (Full Day) 215 181 158 156
EXCH14 Wine Tour Casablanca Valley Tour, Wine Tasting with Lunch (Viña Emiliana and Viña Casa del Bosque) (Full Day) 227 185 162 160
EXCH15 Wine Tour Colchagua Valley Tour and Wine Tasting (Viña Casa Silva and Viña Viu Manent) (Full Day) 389 337 299 260
EXCH16 Wine Tour Casablanca Valley, Wine Tasting and Lunch (Viña Recova and Viña Kingston) (Full Day) 350 315 300 270
EXCH17A Private Helicopter flight to Valle Nevado (NEW) 845 563 423 N.A.
EXCH19A Experience Premium helicopter flight through the skies of Santiago 795 530 398 N.A.
EXCH19B Santiago from the Air Classic 355 237 N.A. N.A.
EXCH30 Romantic Flight of Santiago from the Classic Air with Landing 785 523 N.A. N.A.
EXCH31 Helicopter flight to the Colchagua Valley with wine tasting and lunch 1750 1167 N.A. N.A.
EXCH32 Santa Rita Vineyard in Helicopter 950 633 N.A. N.A.