Located directly north of Chile, this unique destination is a living culture. A place where  ancient history meets the modern world daily. This is another country that is profoundly unforgettably naturally diverse.
You can visit the once-Spanish Vice Royalty of Peru, Lima. This bustling modern capital is still home to many charming colonial plazas and neighborhoods.
A trip to Cuzco is an archeologists' dream. Located near many ancient ruins, such as the Killke's walled-structure of Saksaywaman, the Incan temple of the Sun, Qurichanka, and the mountaintop Incan ruins of Machu Picchu, which can be hiked up to following the Incan trail.
Peru's variety is not only in nature, historic and cultural attractions, but also its food which received  worldwide acclaim. Peruvian cuisine is famous for the diversity of dishes which showcases the cultural mix of the different peoples that converged to create what is today Peru. Peru is allows you to experience the origins of not only a country, but a continent. Walking through the Sacred Valley or when exploring the archaeological site of Ollantaytambo with a trained archeologist, you might find yourself imagining what life might have been like thousands of years ago for the Incas. Whether you hike or enjoy the views while being driven up the Incan trail, visit the floating islands of Lake Titicaca, join a traditional Sun celebration, “Inti Raymi”, visit a street market to buy souvenirs, explore the jungle or take a private plane to fly over the mysterious Nazca lines after sleeping in an historical monastery or romantic villa, this is a destination that you can return to time and time again, each time finding something new. Peru will not fail to capture your imagination.