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A trip to Easter Island - one of the planet’s true masterpieces - is a magical date with history and archaeology. Exploring Chile invites you to discover this unique island from a different perspective - far from the usual tourist trail. With the help of our local guides you can experience the real history of the island - as told by its native people " Rapa Nui".


Breakfast at the hotel. Flight to Easter Island.(not included).
Welcome at the airport with garlands of flowers. Transfer to the Otai Hotel or a similar hotel of the same category. Rest of the day free. 
Group day trip. First stop is the Haga Te’e Bay on the south of the island – where you will see your first “Ahu” – one of the enormous stone platforms built to support the Moai. The Vaihu Ahu is an unrestored platform. The tour continues towards the Ahu Akahanga Region where legend has it that the famous King Hotu Matua is buried at one side of the Ahu. The tour takes in several other important cultural sites on the Island – for example Rano Raraku – where 900 statues have been sculpted – 397 of them lying horizontally on the ground. We will also visit the Tongariki Ahu, restored in 1995, a platform that holds 15 Moai. We then visit the “Ombligo del Mundo" (Belly button of the world), and the Te Pito Kura Ahu. Our final stop for the day is Anakena Beach and its two restored platforms, Ahu Nau Nau and Ahu Ature Huki. From this magical spot we can admire the waters of the Pacific Ocean and rest for a while in the shade of the palm trees. Return to the hotel. Overnight stay at the Otai Hotel or a similar hotel of the same category. (B, BL)
Breakfast at the hotel. Group tour for half the day. The tour takes you up to Rano Kau, a dormant volcano from where you can take in the beauty of the whole island: its coasts, its volcanoes and the village of Hanga Roa. We can also admire the volcano’s crater and its lagoon. We then start to make our way back to the hotel, stopping off at the traditional ceremonial village of Orongo, where in the past they used to host the Tangata Manu (Bird Man) ceremony. We then visit the Vinapu Ahu with its pre-Incan style of architecture. The tour ends in the Ana Kai Tangata Cave where you can see some traditional rock paintings. Free activity afternoon – you can visit the village of Hanga Roa or take one of the optional tours (*): horse ride up to the Terevaka Volcano from where you can enjoy views of the whole island. Overnight stay at the Otai Hotel or similar hotel of the same category. (B)

Breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast we will leave for our trip to the Tahai archaeological site. This imposing ceremonial centre has three Ahu as well as buildings that used to be used as houses by the local people. The tour then heads to the Ahu Akivi platform with its 7 restored Moai. According to legend, these 7 statues represent the first explorers, sent by the king Hotu Matua, who arrived on Rapa Nui. The final stop is the Puna Pau building yard where the “Pukao” – the hats of the great Moai – were carved. Free for lunch. Rest of the day free. Overnight stay at the Otai Hotel or similar hotel of the same category. (B)
Transfer to Mataveri Airport. Flight to Santiago. Pick up at the airport and transfer to your hotel. Overnight stay not included in the price. OUR SERVICE ENDS
Scuba diving: the sea floor of this island is a paradise for those who love diving.
Rent a Jeep: Rent a Jeep, scooter or mountain bike.
Horse-riding: Ride up to the top of the Maunga Terevaka Volcano.
Trekking: Various routes depending on interests and level of fitness for those who love walking.
Sailing: Trip on a sailing boat or a yacht – for half a day or for several days.  
Available special all inclusive programs on Easter Island with the Hotel Explora - “La Posada de Mike Rapu” - also available Hotel Hare Noi, Hotel Altiplanico and the best hotels at Easter Island.  Contact us for information on availability and prices.
Please contact us for further information, prices depends of internal flights prices Santiago - Easter Island - Santiago . Send us an email to
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