Why booking With Exploring Chile


Why Booking with Exploring Chile



1) If you are already tight on time, why waste it organizing your own travel, when you can have experts do it for you? Allowing our travel specialists at Exploring Chile Travel to book your vacation and business travel for you, will save you time and money. Letting our team help you, gives you access to all the local knowledge and extra assistance you might need to guarantee a stress free trip. 

2) With us, you are guaranteed bookings in the best hotels that Chile and South America have to offer. 

3)Our team has done exhaustive research to find the best quality options for all of our destinations. We want to show you the best that each location has to offer. 

4) Our trips are based on the travels of our staff. We search each destination for remote and unique places, exclusive hotels, and to the local buzz to find best that region has to offer. We lead off the beaten track and let you discover your adventures, but no sacrifice of any modern luxuries. So your trip is customized and comfortable, but still authentic. 

5) We offer 24/7 emergency telephone assistance in English, both from our office in Santiago Chile and through our local partner companies.  This is our country, and we know it well. Take advantage of our expertise and local knowledge of Chile and South America.

6) We have spent years developing business partnerships with all the major travel industry companies to guarantee that we can get you the best deals on internal flights, cruises, hotels, car rental, restaurants, etc. 

7) With just one tour operator responsible for your stay, you can travel to six different great destinations (that definitely should be on your bucket list), like: Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and French Polynesia. We have hand-picked to work with only a few destinations, so that we have become true destination specialists.

8) When you book with Exploring Chile Travel you are also helping the TOKI ONG foundation from Easter Island. http://www.tokirapanui.org/
A percentage of your trip cost is donated to help the children of Easter Island through the TOKI foundation, led by talented pianist, Mahani Teave, who created it to give these children an opportunity to learn music that they might not otherwise have.

9) We update you with any changes in your flights and/or itinerary, (which can often happen in South America).

10) When you book with Exploring Chile Travel, you become a local with all the best insider tips to find the hottest local restaurants, wine shops and private events that often are out of the reach for the regular traveler.

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